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Testosterone undecanoate can be found in both injection and tablet form sold as different brand names. For example, when we talk about Testosterone Undecanoate that is taken as tablets by mouth, the brands include Andriol and Jatenzo (including other trade names), but we are going to talk about the injection form.

For those interested in testosterone undecanoate taken by mouth, we recommend checking the orals section.

In fact, there is almost no other difference between the 2 forms of testosterone other than the obvious mode of administration.

In addition, there is no other difference between any form of testosterone and testosterone undecanoate other than the obvious ester attached, and the esters respond to a delayed release of the main compound into the system after it is administered.

Ultimately you get synthetic testosterone as you administer any form of testosterone (even including the unesterified testosterone), the difference is that you get it at different rates after the administration.

Testosterone undecanoate is known as the latest esterified testosterone as well as the longest form of testosterone and this is why testosterone undecanoate is gaining huge popularity.

But on the other hand, in the end you just receive synthetic testosterone that is no different from the naturally occurring one. By using synthetic testosterone, you simply increase your overall testosterone level.

Testosterone Undecanoate Injectable Half Life
Testosterone Undecanoate has the longest half life compared to any other testosterone. This means that after one administration, no other testosterone would stay in your system longer than Testosterone Undecanoate (Aveed).

When supplied as tea seed oil it has a half life of around 21 days, but when supplied as Castrol oil the half life is up to around 34 days!

Due to its extremely long half-life, the compound is given to patients in medical settings once every 8 to 12 weeks, depending on their own response.

Still, bodybuilders need a lot of frequent dosing schedules.

1 x 5 ml every 5 to 6 weeks, making it a perfect remedy for bridge and to restore all other values, but your testosterone level remains good, so you don’t get a crash and a normal libido after the cure.

What is injectable testosterone undecanoate used for?
Testosterone undecanoate is used for all medical needs where the patients need to increase their testosterone levels. It can also be used for breast cancer and various other needs, but is most commonly used in androgen replacement therapy.

Testosterone undecanoate can be used for other medical purposes when using another form of testosterone, bearing in mind that you are getting testosterone.

But apart from being used for the treatment of hypogonadism, the compound is very popular for physique and performance enhancement by bodybuilders and various other athletes.

That is because they increase testosterone levels and this brings various benefits and results when we talk about such needs. It is well known that testosterone has many positive effects if you want to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, performance, stamina, energy levels and overall body appearance.

Testosterone Undecanoate Injectable Dosage Testosterone
Undecanoate, as mentioned, comes as tablets and injection form. When we talk about tablets, the compound is used several times a day because it does not have such a long half-life.

Nevertheless, we are talking about testosterone undecanoate as an injection used in doses between 300mg and 1500mg per week for bodybuilders, which is about 10 times what a patient would need – about 1000mg every 8-12 weeks.

The compound can be used weekly or even once every 2 weeks due to its very long half-life. The most common dosage per week is somewhere between 500 and 800 mg. If you plan to use it once every 2 weeks, use twice the weekly dosage.

Cycle length is between 10 and 16 weeks and long esterified testosterone is mostly used in bulking cycles, although they can also be used for cutting (but shorter testosterone is used in cutting and hardening).

Testosterone undecanoate (like any other testosterone) can be stacked with a particular steroid of your choice depending on what you need.

Do not abuse Testosterone Undecanoate as it will lead to bad side effects due to getting too much testosterone levels.

Injectable Testosterone Undecanoate Side Effects
Testosterone Undecanoate offers side effects that are no different from any other form of testosterone. You increase testosterone levels. This leads to side effects if there were too many levels in your body.

Androgenic side effects can occur both physically and psychologically: acne, hair loss, aggression, oily skin and others.

Estrogenic side effects can also occur both physically and psychologically: hypertension, fluid retention, gyno (male breasts), depression

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